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  Area & Activity Guides  
City of Sacramento   City Government's View of  the River City
UC Davis Calendar  
CSUS Sponsored Activities  
Contradancing in Sacramento   
Sacramento Vegetarian Society    
Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op    
Sacramento Bee    
Libertarian Party of Sacramento
Monterey Peninsula Information   Events, Places, Arts, Maps, Restaurants, etc.
Monterey Peninsula Link   The Toy Box - Good Info!
Unclaimed California Property
  Government:  Friend or Foe?  
California:  The Government's View    
Locate your US State Senator   All US Citizens
Locate your State Representative   All US Citizens
Locate your California Assemblyman   California Only
Locate your California Senator   California Only
Libertarian Party   Take their Quiz!
Have you given up on the concept of Freedom?   Cato Institute:  The  world's premiere libertarian think tank
Citizen's Guide to Jury Duty   Prepare for your civic duty
The Prison Explosion!   The USA leads in incarceration
Natural Resources Defense Council    
'Give me Liberty' Foundation     Helping Government officials to obey the Constitution
  Friends, Family, Associates  
Kim Berry  A Thinking Man & Friend
Kim Berry's Family Injustice Site   Exposing the Divorce Industry
SoloTrek: Individual VTOL Flight   Da Vinci Would Be Proud
Centaur Amphibian Aircraft   Faster, Better, Bigger
Smiley's Link Page Awesome!
Powers of 10 Universal!
Magazine Rack Time, Motor Trend, Yachting, Surfing, & many more
The Earth - A Ticking Time-Bomb Population & Environment
Natural Voice Link    
Stars - Will your Grandchildren know what they are?   Stars are disappearing from modern life
All Species - Inventorying the Planet 1.4 to 200 million species on Earth & No one knows for sure!
Pastor Trewhella's Mercy Seat Ministries   5 Reasons to NOT get a State Marriage License
Monterey Institute for Research in Astronomy    
  Preserving your Freedom  
Moving OUT of the USA?  Where to? Are you seeking "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness where ever it may still exist?" 
Rich Dad, Poor Dad My rich Dad
Real Money   Too many bad Lawyers!
Bikers Should be mad as Hell   Helmet laws kill
International Society for Individual Liberty   (ISIL)
  Human Health & Diet  
Raw Food Studies from Peter Graham   Many studies on Raw Foodism
Are you getting enough Vitamin B-12?    
Do Doctors Cause Disease? If they are US Doctors, YES! American Iatrogenic Association: Promoting Accountability for Medical Professions & Institutions
Living Tree Community (Health)   Healthful Information & Links
Living Tree Community (Raw Foods)   Nuts, Nut Butters, Dried Fruit, (all Organic, Most is Raw) 
Raw Sacramento Info   Site is in Development
Raw Seattle!   Designed & Built by my Son
Perfect Vision without Surgery   The Bates Method   Largest Raw Web Community 
Natural Hygiene Institute   Dr. Robert Sniadach, Dean
Dr. Bernarr *** BEST RESOURCE*** Natural Hygienist Extraordinaire
Living Nutrition Magazine    
Hallelujah Acres   Rev. Malkmus
Nature's First Law   San Diego, Ca  (David Wolfe)
American Natural Hygiene Assn.   Lightly cooked
Natural Hygiene Webring    
Optimum Health Institute   San Diego Area
The Boutenko Family    
Dr. Doug Graham   25-year Raw Fooder
2 Significant Health Studies    
Tree of Life Center Patagonia, AZ Dr. Gabriel Cousins
USDA Nutrient Search Page We've paid for it!
The Doctor Within   Alternative Med Site
Blake Graham's Health Page    
Karen Fierro's Garden of Health   Based in Miami, FL
Rawfood Yoga Retreat in Hawaii   Feb 7 2002 Retreat 
Jinjee's 'Garden Diet' Retreat    
Unte Reader Raw Food Article   March 2002
Good Mood Food - Catering & More   Ursula in Huntington Beach, CA
Need an Attorney because of a vaccination?    
Susan Smith Jones, Ph.D.   Life & Dietary Coach @ UCLA
Jasmuheen The cosmic Australian Breatharian
  Sustainable Agriculture  
California Rare Fruit Growers (CRFG)    
Music to my Stoma (ears)   Sonic Bloom!
Brix: The Quality of your Produce   Using science to enhance your health
Ecological Farming Association    
Sustainable Farming e-Zines   (till 1995)
USDA Nutrient Search Page    
Earth Re-Leaf    
Intentional Communities (esp. Hawaii)   My own crib sheet.
Land Auctions (mostly CA & West)    
Pike Agri-Labs (Equipment)   For Sustainable Agriculture
Soil Mineralization Research Paper    
Soil Mineralisation Links    
International Mango Festival (July)   Sponsored by Fairchild Tropical Garden   The fuel for the next century
Area Code Map of USA    
 Locate a zip code    
Reverse Telephone Lookup
WorldTime (calling overseas)?    
Correct Time   Set your Clock
Digital Photography!   Figure out which camera is best & where to buy.
Printing Needs over the Web   Create Postcards from .jpgs
Does it Work?  (Various Hyped Products advertised on TV as Miracle Products)    
Universal Currency Converter    
Bible Study on the Web   Bible Gateway Site
  Computing Support  
Swynk: System Administrator's Site    
SQL Server Worldwide User's Group    
Web-Based SQL Tutorial    
Hewlett-Packard, Inc.    
Firewall Security for your home PC    
  Around the World  
The Grand Palace of Siam    
Vimanmek Palace, Thailand    
Bang-Pa Palace, Thailand    
Travel to Bolivia    
  Boating / Sailing  
Ensenada Race   Newport Beach to Ensenada, Mexico
Transpac Race   Los Angeles to Honolulu
The Ultimate Boating Site    
Wingo Multihull Links   (Multihulls are Catamarans and Trimarans)
More Multihull Links    
MV/34:  My Next Boat Why would a sailor want a stinkpot?  Because I have not cruised  much  for years & want to explore quickly & efficiently on weekends.  When I have more available time (retirement) I'll be sailing again.

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