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Will the Real American Traitors Please go to Jail?

The Drug War and All the Presidents' Families

Governor Jeb Bush & President George W. Bush would definitely send Noelle Bush to Prison--(If she weren't the President's 24-year-old Niece, and the Florida Governor's Daughter).  After all, rather than face incarceration like regular drug-abusing Americans, our last 2 presidents used political connections to avoid prison.

By the way, I love my native United States, and the tradition of freedom we used to enjoy.  If you feel it is in poor taste for a concerned citizen & veteran to criticize our Government, please read this.

Noelle's Police Booking Photo

Will the REAL Traitor please stand up?

The media hounds have really enjoyed their feeding frenzy over an alleged 'TRAITOR'  named John Walker.  He was simply a young man who had some misadventures while on a religious sojourn.  What the media ignores is a much more dangerous class of traitor.  These are the traitors who have created an America with UNEQUAL rights.


Our last 2 presidents are criminals by their own definition.

The fact that MOST people who are found by the police abusing drugs have their lives RUINED by prison but a small privileged few get to go to the White House is abhorrent. If either Presidents Clinton (a confessed marijuana user and sex addict), or Bush (a reformed alcoholic with a cocaine & drug-infested past) had any INTEGRITY at all they'd both have stepped down out of the white house and put on orange jumpsuits for a decade like all the 'other' drug users  they are 'protecting America' from.


What HYPOCRITES Presidents Clinton and Bush are!

Clinton smoked his dope and then acted like one while he wasted billions beefing up the drug war we're all losing.   I think anyone who comes into office as President when there are tens of thousands of people in prison for doing the same [drug] 'crime,' should have the gratitude & humility to exercise his presidential pardon and let them all out.  The fact that neither Clinton nor Bush did, and that both continue the insane war on drugs demonstrates simply that they both believe [contrary to the constitution] they they are entitled to UNequal rights.    What kind of a human being could be such a hypocrite?  Not one I'd ever vote for!  


Both Presidents were sworn into office taking an oath to "uphold, defend, and protect the Constitution of the United States."  Both have betrayed the American people and have violated their oath of office.


The Drug War is much worse for society than the drug abuse it purportedly fights.    

Here's a few of the horrible things it accomplishes:

  • Destruction of civil rights, constitutional rights (4th Amendment right to privacy).  The 4th amendment guarantees every citizen the right to be 'secure in their person, papers, houses, and effects.'  We have a constitutional right to privacy.  Yet, now any policeman who thinks you have too nice of a house or car can break into your home or car, and if he finds any of Mr. Clinton's favorite cigarettes, he'll steal them (the house or car, not the cigarettes....he'll smoke those).
  • Corruption of local & State Police as they are bribed into stealing (called 'adverse possession' or 'asset forfeiture') the houses, cars, or private property of honest, hard-working citizens.  Cops without courage love to bust peaceable, responsible marijuana users.  It's an easy way to meet their quota and add excitement to their pitiful, purposeless lives.  It's much less risky for them than finding real criminals, or finding a real job.
  • A strong incentive for dope dealers to 'hook' ever more American youth on drugs due to the enormous profits created by the high profit in contraband materials. 
  • Death for a number of sick individuals whose nausea can only be controlled with marijuana.  (Several medical marijuana patients have been locked into prisons in spite of obeying the laws legally passed by a majority of Californians).  They have been disallowed their medicine in prison and several have died).  May our gracious God spare the hypocritical Clinton and Bush families from such a tragedy!
  • Lack of safety & standards in the manufacture of recreational drugs consumed by 50% of the drug-loving American public.
  • Creation of police-state policies & environment.  Capricious & prejudiced enforcement.
  • Massive waste of American resources on attorneys, courts, incarceration, placing families on welfare.
  • Corrupts politicians who receive donations from drug dealers who wish for the drug war to continue, so the profits from the 400 billion dollar illicit drug trade will continue.
  • The prohibition of these drugs increases their cost  by 17000% according to the Hoover Institution.  This creates huge profits which are used by then used by terrorist organizations such as Al Queda to launch retaliatory attacks against the United States, or by the CIA to launch terrorist attacks against equally innocent peoples.

Hypocrite Jeb Bush requests 'PRIVACY!'

Today Gov. Jeb Bush requested 'privacy' for he & his hurting family!  (As if hundreds of thousands of other drug abusing families with relatives now in PRISON wouldn't also have liked their privacy).


Either these peaceful, private drug users ALL belong in jail, or none of them do!  

The president's niece, Noelle, is no different than tens of thousands of other non-violent young people rotting in prisons all over this once free country. To give her special treatment is to violate the EQUAL-RIGHTS CLAUSES OF OUR CONSTITUTION and to openly publicize the immorality of the Bush administration and family.  President Bush, I appeal to you to TAKE COURAGE and UPHOLD THE LAW!   Either send Noelle to prison, or let all the DRUG WAR POWs go back to their homes and families to lead normal productive lives just like you've been doing since you finally stopped taking drugs.  Please make good on your oath of office to "uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution...".


Let the Dopers stay in their [white] houses & make room in prisons for violent criminals!

Even though I'm a Libertarian, I join most Democrats and Republicans in believing violent criminals belong in jail, and dope-smokers belong in the white house, the houses of congress, or their own houses. Instead we parole our violent prisoners early so they can rape, murder & plunder in our streets in order to have enough room in our prisons for the darker-skinned peaceable dope smokers!  What smoking dope thought of this strategy?

The people who have consented to this corruption are the true American TRAITORS!

-Mark Blackburn

Vietnam Era Veteran

Noelle's Police Booking Photo

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