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How do I eat? 

I eat for optimum health.  I have researched diet & health extensively.  I eat 99% raw foods.  I am eating increasingly simply.

On a calorie for calorie basis, I probably eat 60% fruit.

Food Percent of Diet
Fruit 60%
Vegetables (especially leafy green vegetables) 35%
Nuts or seeds 5%   (or less)

Among fruits I particularly like Melons, Mangoes, Papaya (Large Mexican Variety), figs, wild grapes, bananas, persimmons, coconut, avocados and durian. There are few fruits I don't like.

Maybe every few days I'll have time to put together a very exotic salad or nut & vegetable dish. In general, though, I'm preferring simpler, mono-meals. Digestion is much better & I feel so much better if I'm not combining everything off the refrigerator shelves at once.  A 'Mono-Meal' is a meal which consists of only one food.  It is the ultimate in simplicity.  And, the ultimate in superior health.  This would be very boring to the average American who thrives on the stimulation of many ingredients. However, I find I can really savor what I eat and feel no lack (except of digestive turbulence perhaps). I eat large portions of fruit compared to average sickly Americans who consume their high-fat,  low-nutrition cancer-on-a-plate cooked meals.

American 'Foods' Type Vitamins per Calorie Minerals per Calorie Anti Oxidants & Cancer-fighting Phytochemicals Enzymes
Fruits Human Food Highest 2nd Highest Highest Highest 
Vegetables Human Food 2nd Highest Highest 2nd Highest 2nd Highest
Grains Toxic     almost none almost none
Dairy Extremely Toxic Carcinogenic when Homogenized   none almost none
Meat Extremely Toxic Carcinogenic when cooked   none almost none

The table above shows that if you are eating Human diet consisting of primarily vegetables and greens and some fruits, you are probably getting adequate Vitamins, Minerals & other essential nutrients.  If you are eating any of the toxic American non-foods, you are not getting enough nutrients.  This means you will continue to experience hunger because your body is being starved for nutrients.  If you continue feeding upon the toxic items you will never receive adequate human nutrition.  Vitamin pills & other supplements are no substitute for natural human food.  If they were, God would have little pills growing on fruit trees instead of fruit!

I try to eat what's in season. I can't always do this as I just love certain tropical fruits & eat them year round. But, when persimmons are in season, I'll sometimes go several days eating nothing but them. It just feels and tastes great.  Fruit which has been off the tree for some time should be avoided.  It's always best to pick the fruit yourself when it is precisely ripe.  Fruit which has been handled and stored often has bruises and fermentation.  (A banana with brown spots is fermented and should absolutely be avoided).  Similarly, all store-sold fruit should be avoided because it was NEVER picked ripe.  For fruit, you are 99% better off picking it off the tree yourself when you know it is ripe.

I am also trying to eat a little less all the time. I don't like the 'full' feeling any more. I like to get hungry and really feel hungry before I eat. This is a great feeling & really makes your food taste delicious. Plus,
according to all research, there is nothing you can do to extend your life and vitality like cutting down on the amount of food you eat.  I further find now that I am approaching 6 years on a rawfood diet, that I am eating considerably less.  Much of my detoxing is over, and I eat very nutritious food.  I simply don't need nearly as much as before.  It is surprising me how little it takes to keep me running.  And, I am not losing any weight.

I have the privilege of living alone. It is wonderful. I just eat & live to please myself--no one else. It's very tranquil.  I can always invite a friend over if I want. But, to just be able to eat what I want, when I want (when I'm hungry) instead of according to someone else's social's great!

Here is an excellent explanation of the nutritional value of various fruits:   

Fruits and vegetables are a great source of very pure water.  I drink far less water or juice since the foods I eat contain lots of very pure water...purer than you can buy or filter.  

I tend to drink before eating if I take any fluid at all near mealtime.  I tend to eat all fruit ahead of vegetables or greens or nuts.   This is proper food combining.  But, since I often eat only one food per meal, I avoid the food combining issue frequently.

I am learning that it is best to not eat after perhaps 5:00pm.  It is always best to sleep with an empty stomach.  

This probably all sounds pretty strange. But, it works great for me!


Best regards,

Mark Blackburn

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