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Why Nobody Votes

Letter to the Editor of the Sacramento Bee

Published March 2, 2002


"Bee Ignores the Best Candidates"

A huge percentage of voters don't bother voting any more. Why is this? Because it's boredom as usual with both wings of our corrupt single-party system. There is little difference between candidates of the Republican wing or the Democratic wing. Their policies are the same--take as much money and freedom as you can from the voters, and masquerade as their saviors while doing so.  The voters feel hopeless.  The only good political ideas are espoused by our rapidly growing 3rd parties such as the Libertarian Party. Our corrupt major party does not run interesting, caring, thoughtful, or ethical candidates with good solutions. Only in the 3rd parties and independents do you find men and women worthy of a vote.

The major party will only run professional politicians-the people who sell our freedoms and futures to the highest bidders.  They're much too busy whoring after corporate dollars to represent 'we the people.'

I was sad to see that the Bee's voter guide (Feb 24) perpetuated the depressing notion that there were only slick professional politicians running. Why not make an interesting voting guide and interview the many ethical & innovative 3rd party candidates?  As long as people think their only choice is a 'bought-and-paid-for' slick professional politician, they will continue evading the voting booth.  When all we have is a Mexican-style single-party sham system, there IS no reason to vote.  The Bee and other media could encourage voting by helping the public see they have a real choice.....not just a manufactured one.  But, they will only know that if media like the Bee carries interesting news of interesting candidates!

-Mark Blackburn, MBA

 Business Analyst

 Consultant to the State of California



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