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This week I've been barraged with people fearing government action to 'weaken' the government's definition of ORGANIC.   They want me to write, call, and protest yet another  misguided government action.  Here's why I won't.

Make your own definition of Organic....never trust the government's defintion!

by Mark Blackburn, MBA 

Advocate for individual liberty  


Counterpoint:                    Regulation by Government should never be encouraged!

We consumers are fools for ever giving an organization as unethical & incompetent as government any responsibility for our welfare or health at all.  Why should any of us ask the government what is healthy?    Do we think they would tell us if they knew?  No, they would rather unwittingly conduct radiation testing on us, as they now openly acknowledge was common during the 40s, 50s, and 60s.

Clearly, if the USDA 'organic' label becomes meaningless, the consumer has not lost all his power.  He/She would be better off!   Independent certification by HONEST 3rd Party agencies would then certainly be demanded & used by smart consumers, as government labels would vanish into a black hole of oblivion.   Your due diligence as a consumer would change, and you would be weaned off your Uncle's teats.

We as consumers should start acting and thinking like KINGs and quit thinking of our Government as our masters.  They were to be public servants only--and we were to be masters of our own destiny practicing Self-Rule.  We were not meant to be practicing subjection by hostile gangs & embezzlers in Sacramento and Washington D.C.  Ignore them!  They are fools & crooks & knaves.  Let them have their meaningless organic labels.  Once they realize everyone ignores them, maybe they'll pack up, go home, and take their war toys with them.  And, we can get on with the task of reclaiming our once proud, free, & delightful country.

The requirement for FREEDOM (something many Americans are afraid of) is RESPONSIBILITY.  Are you brave enough to take responsibility for your own life?  You should be...but only if you are an adult.  Children and other dependents cannot exercise responsibility.

My advice:  ignore the government whenever practical.  Do not empower them.  Empower yourself and the many honest & ethical people you deal with daily.... they are your friends, not some slick elected politician prostituting your freedoms to the highest bidder.  Just because the government says nuclear sludge is 'organic' does not mean you have to believe it, or eat it.  Be an intelligent, aware sovereign individual enjoying life, liberty and the pursuit of health & happiness.  Do not sell your birthright of freedom for a mess of USDA pottage.  The USDA is easily one of the most corrupt government organizations to ever blight our planet.  Why would you care to even acknowledge or encourage them?

In Eastern Europe during the past 50 years the common people tried an experiment of believing and relying upon government thugs for everything.  Government was their God, their parent, and their provider.  They became children as they abdicated the normal responsibility for their own lives which is the minimum requirement for adulthood in every culture.  Their lives lost all meaning, and finally they overthrew such a de-humanizing tyranny.  Must we in what was at one time the world's greatest experiment in freedom, go down the same path to oblivion that Eastern Europe did?    Nay.  Ignore them!  Take courage!  And take responsibility for yourself.  Organic is what YOU define it to be, NOT what the USDA deceives people into believing.


Mark Blackburn is a business analyst who provides data base consulting services under contract to various Sacramento clients including the California Department of Parks.  

 -Mark Blackburn  

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