A Weekend in Phoenix

February 12-13 2005



This narrative documents the escapades of two escaped convicts from Oklahoma's State Prison in Tulsa, OK (Todd Huston, and John Pleasant); one very beautiful escaped auditor from the City of Tulsa now hiding in Tuscson (Laura "Addie" Ward); and one nondescript business analyst who lives in California (name withheld by request).  Somehow these four people had an adventure in Phoenix, Arizona the weekend of February 12 & 13, 2005.





"You're coming, aren't you?' John asks as we head up the trail to Camelback Mountain. 2/12/05

John Pleasant, Mountaineering Instructor from Tulsa OK.





We're smiling now....but just wait till the rainstorm hits!




Lovely Laura is a Loyal Daughter and gives her 80+ year-old Mother a call from 1300 feet above Phoenix. Where would we be without technology?

Laura "Addie" Ward, Auditor for the city of Tucson, and lover of deserts and hiking






There is a BURST OF ELATION when we conquer the Summit. 





The two escaped convicts clean up nicely and go forward at church for prayer.    Somehow, Todd was mistaken for the visiting preacher, and....

Todd Huston, World record holder for climbing the highest elevation of each state in shortest time.






Who says a little "hard time" can't humble a man?  Todd was remarkably at ease and held two Sunday services spellbound.  I would estimate that between all of Todd's engagements at Lakeview Methodist Church in Sun City, AZ, he spoke to over 1,000 people.  Todd's personal story is amazing and compelling, and he is always well-received by his audiences.  His Book, More than Mountains sold out quickly.  Click to watch Todd betray his Presbyterian roots.   





Laura charmed everyone who met her







The crew assembles for a photo on the Squaw Peak trail on Sunday before returning home.



Todd, Laura, & John, Send me your mailing addresses & I'll mail you CDs of all the photos in High-Res.


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