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Best Features of the MV/34 

Photos of the MV/34 in Miami

The MV/3x has many great features.  Here are a few.  If you can think of more, please write to me & I'll add them here.

  • Wide Beam:  giving stability, wide walk-around decks, and lots of room below.
  • Narrow, easily driven narrow flat hulls which defy Archimedes' Hull Speed Law.
  • Twin Diesel Power.  Engines are rated at 10,000 hours between overhaul.
  • Props mounted some 15' apart  - This makes a boat which steers easily with transmission controls, making docking & maneuvering in tight quarters much easier.  The boat will turn in it's own length.
  • Sufficient fuel is carried for long range cruising.  Range can be greatly extended by keeping the speed down (although these turbocharged engines need high RPMs every couple hours).
  • Manufactured by a reputable builder with very loyal customers.
  • 18-20 knot speed is available when needed (approaching storms, etc.).
  • Boat has the room of a 40' monohull trawler, but needs only a 34' berth, insures as a 34' boat, etc.
  • Large and plentiful windows make the exterior attractive.  Inside the MV is light and airy with superb visibility while under way.  Inside helm has excellent visibility in all directions.
  • Large flying bridge area sufficient for 5 or more adults.  Again, superb visibility.
  • Boat is environmentally friendly being very sparing in it's use of fossil fuels.
  • Twin queen staterooms.
  • Enormous main salon.
  • Props and Rudders are well protected by a skeg

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Photos of the MV/34 in Miami

Report of Findings / Miami 2002 Boat Show

Schedule of Delivery Cruise to Miami in October, 2002

Canistel is offered for sale beginning February 2004

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