Mark S. Blackburn

Tentative Cruise Plan 

for the Maiden Voyage of  

CANISTEL of Balboa Island, CA

October - November, 2002










Toronto Oct 31

New York Nov 3 

Cruising the Erie Canal

Buffalo or Toronto & La Guardia


4 days


New York

Nov 5


Nov 8   

La Guardia & Dulles


4 days


Annapolis, MD

Nov 10

Charleston, SC

Nov 16

Dulles and Charleston, SC  or Savannah, GA


7 days


Charleston, SC

Nov 18

Miami, FL

Nov 24

Charleston, SC or Savannah, GA and Miami, FL or Ft. Lauderdale, FL


8 days








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Leg Description Links & Info
1 See Toronto, the Capitol of Ontario.  Cross Lake Ontario.  Cruise the Historic Oswego Canal traversing 8 locks before joining into the most famous canal in America: the Erie.  Sail down the scenic Hudson River to New York Harbor.  Days should be somewhat warm and beautiful, with cool evenings.  Very tame boating mostly in canals.  No open ocean on this leg.  Lots of locks (around 30).  Lots of history.  Locks open at 7am and close at 5pm, so these will be our approximate cruising hours each day. More information about the New York Canal System.

More information about the Erie Canal including Map.

2 Depart New York Harbor, and head out into the Atlantic off the 'Jersey Coast.'  Make it to Atlantic City or Mystic by nightfall.   Next day we'll round 'Cape May' and head up into Delaware Bay past Dover  towards Wilmington.  We'll then enter the 14-mile long  Chesapeake & Delaware Canal.     Annapolis, MD, our destination, is 35 miles from George Bush's house (from the nation's capitol).  I plan to stay up to 3 days in Annapolis, a town with a sailing history of renown. See Map of C & D Canal Below.


3 Depart Annapolis and sail down southeasterly into the Chesapeake Bay.  We'll be in proximity of Richmond, Newport News, Norfolk and Virginia Beach.   We'll go down the inside of the Outer Banks and visit Kitty Hawk, NC where the Wright Bros. are credited with the first manned flight in the USA (if not the world).  Leaving Cape Hatteras, we'll charge through a bit of the Atlantic on our way with stays in Morehead City, Southport, Myrtle Beach on our way to our Destination of Charleston, SC.  Waters should be warm enough by now for swimming.

Myrtle Beach, SC

4 This leg will have the best weather, the best swimming, the roughest water, the longest passages, the most glitz, the best fruit, and the most sunshine.  We'll run down the coast of Georgia and Florida.   Break out your swimsuits and sandals.  You won't be needing a jacket here, unless we hit some squalls.    
Leg Description Links & Info



The daily cruise plan 



If cruising aboard Canistel  -  What not to bring:  

  • Suntan oils  

  • Hard shoes 

Suntan oils are a very harmful unnatural carcinogen that will harm your health and your skin.  It will also harm my boat.  There will be ample opportunity to be in or out of the sun as you choose while aboard CANISTEL.  If you have been brainwashed into thinking that sunshine is harmful or that sunscreen is beneficial please read this article.

Daily Cruise Plan

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