January 27, 2000


Dear  Congressman Farr :

Please send the young Cuban boy back to his closest living relative, his FATHER, IMMEDIATELY.

Prolonging our kidnapping of  him sets a dangerous precedent.   In essence, we're publicly saying that all illegal immigrants will be granted asylum & citizenship.  

I'm a single Father myself.  Fathers don't seem to have many rights in the USA, do they?   I realize that in the USA if a Father wants his child, the child is often taken away from the Father (by our so-called 'Family Justice System').  But in the majority of our world,  if a Father wants his child, he usually has his child! 

Please stop violating International Law!   Please stop the US from appearing to the free world like an impotent 'tin-horn dictatorship!'   Can you imagine if the roles were reversed and Cuba’s government impudently decided to keep a boy from the USA?  There would be cries to bomb Cuba the way we do so many other innocent, defenseless countries (making us increasingly a target for terrorist revenge).  

After receiving a superior education in Cuba, if Elian later decides he would rather become a US 'citizen' and contribute more than half his earnings to the IRS like a good American comrade, I'm sure there will remain a myriad of methods both legal and illegal to emigrate here after he reaches adulthood. A quick survey of South Florida would indicate it is no problem for healthy young Cubans to migrate here.

This young man needs his real Father, not some Frankenstein-Disneyland "Dad" in the form of  "Uncle Sugar" paid for by the taxpayers.  

Send the boy home to his Father, freedom, and a much better educational system and public health system!  Show some respect for his only surviving parent, even if he is a FATHER!

Yours truly in service to country,


Mark Blackburn, MBA

Vietnam Era Veteran (3 yrs combat status)


P.O. Box 708

Moss Landing, California 95039

(800) 403-Mark




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