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Articles, Papers, Editorials, or Presentation Notes

Title Topic Month Year
Say No to Health Insurance (California Expansion) Health & Diet February 2007
How to Select Summer Fruit Health & Diet July 2005
American Morality and Exposed Breasts Health & Diet February 2004
Does Eating Health Food make one Mentally Ill? Health & Diet April 2002
Forget About the Government's Definition of 'Organic'  Health & Diet February 2003
Introduction to Natural Health (Natural Hygiene) Health & Diet October 2001
Why I'm in the best health I've ever known Health & Diet June 2001
How do I eat? Health & Diet July 2001
USA - the least healthy country on Earth Health & Diet December 1999
Naturalism and the Anthropology of the Human Diet Health & Diet September 1999
Mad Cows, Englishmen, Your Health, and Your Planet  Health & Diet October 1996
Sailing Through Life  - Notes from a speech Life Skills March 1998
1998 California State Fair Report Events August 1998
Stop Funding this Unconstitutional War (letter to Rep. Matsui) Liberty April 2007
Why I oppose the war in Iraq Liberty March 2003
Will you be happier when Government makes all your decisions? Liberty October 2002
Why nobody votes Liberty March 2002
The Drug War and all the Presidents' Families Liberty February 2002
Is it Un-American to be Critical of the USA & it's Government? Liberty January 2002
911 - the Minor Revenge on America Liberty September 2001
Letter to Congressman Sam Farr regarding the Cuban Boy Elian Gonzales Liberty January 2000
Guest Editorial Response to Gray Davis' Flag-Burning Proposal Liberty October 1996
Liberty, Helmet Laws and Public Safety Liberty July 1995
My difficult years at Community Chapel and Bible Training Center Spirituality October 2004

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