Data Derived from the US 1992 Health Abstract published by the US Department of Health.  This data shows that Americans are both the most over-medicated and least healthy people on our planet.

Malady Number of Affected Americans
At least one chronic disease 49%
Children under 17 with at least one chronic disease 1/5
Those who will experience cardiovascular disease* 80%
Men who will die of cardiovascular disease* more than 50%
First "symptom" of cardiovascular disease 50%   of the time death
Americans who will get cancer 30%
Cancer victim death rate 80%
Women who will get breast cancer 1 in 8
#1 cause of death to American Children cancer -  (juvenile cancer is extremely rare in most countries)
American adults affected by Rheumatism or Arthritis 77%
Diabetics 6.5 million
Asthmatics 12 million
Bronchitis victims 12 million
High Blood Pressure 30 million
Ulcers 16 million
Chronic digestive disorders 50% of Americans
Persons with hemorrhoids 11.4 million
Insomniacs 50 million (consume 5 billion sleeping pills/year)
People with allergies 80 million
People with defective vision 60%
Hay fever 21 million
People with no teeth 31 million
Percent who are overweight 70-80%  (and going up)

*You can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by over 90% by eliminating all animal foods from your diet.  (Most of the civilized world eats almost no animal based foods).



More Maladies

Number of Affected Americans
Suffer from Migrane Headaches 10 million
Suffer hearing impairment 20 million
Obese Americans 80 million & climbing rapidly
Mentally Ill 20 million
Americans who have acne, eczema, warts, psoriasis, or rashes 160 million

Why are Americans so Unhealthy? Number of Affected Americans
Number of Americans hooked on 1 or more drug habits 200 million
Number of Americans who drink alcohol 100 million
Chronic Alcoholics 15 million
Cigarettes Smoked Annually in USA 600 BILLION
Smokers 60 million
Cups of Coffee Consumed Annually 250 BILLION
Americans addicted to refined sugar 95%
Average annual individual sugar consumption 125 lbs.
Increase in consumption of beef since 1900 50%
Increase in consumption of pastuerized* (enzymes are killed off) dairy since 1900 33%    *baby calves fed pastuerized milk die within 3-6 months (yet this is "the perfect food?")
Increase in consumption of poultry since 1900 280%
Decrease in consumption of vegetables & fruits More than 50%

How Unhealthy are Americans in the 1990s?

The US Public Health Service says 3.5 million Americans are healthy!  That is   1.5% of the entire US Population!

So, after wasting billions of your tax dollars on such agencies as the US Public Health service, our government gleefully declares that only 1.5% of Americans are healthy, 98.5% are unhealthy.  Any business this dysfunctional would be out of business before they opened their doors! 

Former US Surgeon General Everett Koop said "Our health care system is in crisis, bordering on chaos."

The fact is, we don't have a health care system.  We have a disease care system and even that is failing...making most people even sicker or dead.  Please, for the sake of your loved ones, take personal responsibility for your own health.  Wrest back this responsibility from the government which has a 98.5% failure rate!

You, whether you accept responsibility for it or not, are fully in charge of your own health, well-being, and longevity. Good health is not rocket science. It’s as simple as caring for your own is not abrogating responsibility and running to a government-licensed witch doctor for the latest lotion or potion. I ask you: how do you want to be remembered by your children or loved ones? Their last impressions of you will be shaped by the care you take of yourself beginning today!

All data on this page taken from the 1992 Health Abstract published by the US Department of Health (a failed government enterprise).

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