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Why I'm in the best health I've ever known

In 1986 I was jolted to reality by my Father's announcement that he was dying of cancer. At 56 he was too young to be dying. So I began my extensive research on the connection between health & diet. I couldn't afford the luxury of dying early. I have too many goals to accomplish.  Initially I eliminated meat & dairy from my diet over the mocking objections of my soon-to-be-ex wife.  She brought the full fury, hell-fire, and damnation of our church to bear on this issue as well, but I held true to my science-based convictions.   Over the succeeding 20 years I have read and researched copiously, fine-tuning along the way.


I finally arrived at a diet which I believe is the optimal diet for humans. In fact, it is the original human diet which served Homo sapiens successfully for 99.999999999% of human history. I call it the 'Human diet.' (If you're a Human, you should try it)!  This is the diet eaten by Adam & Eve.

Why do I think it is the correct diet?

1. It is the diet to which we are anatomically designed & biologically adapted. (All anthropoid apes and most primates eat this same diet--they are our closest cousins with highly similar anatomical design & nutritional needs).  Chimpanzees, for example, are 98% anatomically identical to humans. There are greater DNA differences between different species of horses than their are between humans and gorillas or humans and orangutans.  The anthropoid apes are all frugivores (primary fruit eaters).  Sometimes  1-2% of their diets can be construed to be meat.  And, this consists of bugs, termites, eggs, or grub worms.  They are  only eaten when this food is easy to catch and they are unable to satisfy hunger via fruits.  They are NOT carnivores or omnivores.  There is nothing innately more nutritious about meat than fruit.  And, if the meat is cooked it has virtually no usable nutrition.  Cooked meat is a cancer-causing toxin not suitable for consumption by any living organism. Even  bacteria which would properly decompose meat such as an animal carcass, turn their nose up at cooked meat, and you should, too!


2. It is the diet consumed by Homo sapiens for 99.999999999% of their history. In this respect, this diet is the formula for human success & propagation of our species. Only in the recent profound degradation of our diets have we now approached widespread disease, early death, childhood cancers, lack of viability (common sterility).  You may have been unaware that since the late 1970s anthropologists have completely dismissed the 'caveman-as-carnivore' & 'hunter-gatherer' lore and have scientifically proven and accepted that early man was exclusively a fruit eating species.  (Walker Report, 1979, Johns Hopkins University).


3. It is the healthiest diet you can eat.  The most extensive, unbiased study ever undertaken to discover the relationships between diet & disease (The 1980s China-Cornell-Oxford Study) conclusively proved that the closer we approach the natural human diet, the less disease, the greater health & longevity we will enjoy.  Funded by an honest 

government & two universities, this study was not 'preaching to the choir' of a corporate sponsor, like most US dietary studies.  It's scope, comprehensiveness and significance are unparalleled.  The primary conclusion:  "There is no threshold of health improvement as one removes animal products from the diet: Our study suggests that the closer one approaches a total plant-food diet, the greater the health benefit."


Human food has a much higher energy field than the toxic, dead, devitalized, and  nature-mocking junk Americans tragically call 'food,' and therefore gives people much energy and awareness,  as well as much greater spiritual perception. Is it not interesting that the priests (or most devout) of almost all the world's religions eschew the notorious toxic elements of American food such as meat. While differing religions differ wildly on many issues of religious importance, they virtually all recommend a simple, healthy diet.  

Those of us who do difficult or abstract mental work will also find this diet will empower your powers of concentration, rather than detracting from it like American garbage "food." 

In a country where our surgeon general says the top 7 leading killing diseases are dietary-related, would you think there might be a problem with our diets?  Think about it!


My transition to this raw food diet has been slow in the intervening years since 1986. By 1998 I had made it about 90% of the way to where I now am with regard to my diet. Eventually my Son (19 then) encouraged both of us to make a complete commitment to what our research was telling us. It sounded a bit extreme or far out. However, we made that additional 10% transition and the difference was remarkably profound and very reinforcing. I felt so much better it was amazing.

Are you intrigued? Keep digging through this website and you'll find out more about the human diet.  

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Here's what I want to come home to every day:

Well-known raw food chef Cherie Soria with an assortment of delicious raw entrees

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