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Why You should only eat fresh, ripe, raw, plant foods:

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Below you will find a few reasons why raw vegan foods make so much sense:

1) We are the only animal on the planet that tampers with it's food and
with the exception of domesticated animals and animals influenced by human
pollution, we are the only ones that get degenerative diseases

2) We are vegan by design from the claw less hands perfect for picking plant
foods, our low stomach acidity to our gentle psychology. Few people have the
psychological desire to hunt down and kill their own food. We are closely
related to gorillas which are 99% vegan.

3) Will it sprout? If you take a cooked sunflower seed and a raw one, only
the raw one will sprout. Plant the cooked one in the ground and it will
decay, the raw one will grow into a beautiful sunflower.

4) Living foods are full of life force, which can be absorbed by our bodies.
This diminishes as we process or cook food, which can clearly be seen in
kirlian photography. (see Eating for Beauty, David Wolfe or )

5) Cooked foods are devoid of living water, which is essential to efficient
functioning of the cellular system and the brain. Living water has a unique
energy and under high-powered microscope crystalline forms can be seen,
rather like a snowflake. The energetic form is changed when foods are cooked
and water is lost.

6) Heating food over 115oF (approx. 45oC) destroys enzymes which help the
body (along with internal digestive enzymes) to break down the food. The
food breaks down partially in the upper part of the stomach with it's own
enzymes.  The rest is broken down by the body's digestive enzymes, secreted
from the pancreas.

7) Pottenger's Cats Study - A nutrition study was carried out between the
years of 1932 and 1942 on cats. One group was fed predominantly raw foods
while the other was fed cooked food. The cats eating the cooked/processed foods showed
signs of deficiency, decreased reproductive capacity, skeletal deformities
and organ malfunctions.

8) Eating cooked and processed foods causes the body to have a reaction known
as digestive leucocytosis. This is the body's immune system reacting as if a
poison were entering the body.  Leucocytosis does not occur with raw food!

9) Rouleau Formation - Victoria Boutenko (Author of 12 Steps to Raw Food)
shows this excellent 2-minute video at her presentations, which shows
changes in the blood after eating cooked foods. She carried out an
experiment in which she had two people eat only raw for three months, after
which she introduced 1 piece of cooked food. Upon looking at a live blood
analysis the result was outstanding, the blood immediately formed Rouleau,
which is an aggregation of red blood cells, thus reducing oxygen carrying
capacity. The dark field microscope pictures at  give us an idea what that looks
like. It is interesting to note that in live blood work it is taught NOT to
take live blood samples until 4 hours after a meal, and fasting overnight is
often recommended.

10) Protein Coagulation  - Whenever we heat proteins we begin to denature
the normal structure making it very difficult for the body to obtain the
essential amino acids. E.g. Think of an egg white, the whitening process as
it cooks is protein coagulation. (see ). A well-balanced
raw food diet provides excellent quality protein.

11) Nutrient Loss - Vitamins and Minerals are lost through the cooking
process, be it in the water, the steam or derangement and chemical changes.
I would imagine there is more nutrition on a kitchen ceiling, in some

12) Chemical Creation - By cooking a simple potato over 400 chemicals are
created that are potentially dangerous, unknown and unusable by the human
body! Think of school experiments with a Bunsen burner. See for a very
informative scientific article on the changes that occur after cooking.

13) Trans Fatty Acids are formed when we heat fats and oils, even quickly at
low temperatures. These are highly destructive to the human body creating
free radical damage in the cellular structure. Free radicals are also formed
by acidic food, thoughts, lifestyle and environment.

14) Absorption Rates - According to simple (non-scientific) experiments
carried out by Victoria Boutenko the nutrient absorption rates for individuals

who consume from 1% raw to 99% raw do not vary substantially.  The rate

of absorbtion remains below 5%. When 100% raw foods are eaten
it can go up to 40%, and if you are living in a pristine environment up to
90%. The reason for such a drastic change is "mucus" "mucoid plaque" that
lines the digestive tract.

15) Vital Adaptation - Many people will state that while it may be true that
we are fruigivore by design we have now adapted to eating an omnivorous
diet. This is true and we have adapted to the foods of the current
generation. Does that mean it is optimum? The body has created protection
(survival) mechanisms or ways of dealing with the massive overload of
toxins.  Mechanisms for survival include mucoid plaque, buffering acidity

with calcium depletions from the bones (osteoporosis) , chronic dehydration,

hardening of the arteries, enlarged internal organs to name a few.

16) Heat Destroys. -  Whenever you add heat to anything it becomes less than
whole and certainly never more.

17) Spiritual Energy - By removing all internal obstructions we clear the
inner pathways of energy so we can connect to the truth within.

This article does not mention the environmental destruction and animal suffering
caused by cooking food, which are both entire subjects in themselves.
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