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Revenge on America

Fixing the Blame

Is Retaliation an Appropriate Response?

Warning:  If you read this page you will see that I am critical of our current 'war on terrorism.'  If you are inclined to be offended by people who are critical of government, or think that because somebody criticizes the abuses of government, that they don't love America, please read this document first.

Our Government leaders are prescribing a massive and expensive retaliation effort.  They do not yet know who was responsible for this attack.  Yet, I think I do.  I think they are responsible.  How could this be?  Well, I unlike many,  have asked the question, "Why?"  Why do people hate the USA?   Our Government leaders don't want to ask this question, because the answer is obvious unless you're uninformed (you get your news only from US Government Licensed TV,  Radio, & Media).  

I believe our constant acts of aggression against many countries of the world has probably caused the revenge which occurred September 11.  Surely the 1.25 MILLION people we have murdered in IRAQ this past decade, the millions we have killed in Vietnam, Central America, Serbia, Bosnia, The Sudan, Libya, Afghanistan, and elsewhere would one day place all Americans at grave risk.  Presidents Reagan, Bush & Clinton cared not for your safety or mine as they blatantly created enemies for us by bombing innocent civilian populations.  Reagan had bad advisors who led him into Iran-Contra & other scandalous treachery.  Bush found his flagging popularity was boosted by making an enemy out of Saddam Hussein and then pulverizing his countrymen (and about 500,000 children).  Clinton had to wag the dog to avoid the heat from Monica & Hillary.  

No, I don't think too many g-men want to ask the obvious.  They want to appear helpful in a huge problem of their own making while diverting attention from the obvious cause of the revenge (which they deceptively refer to as 'Terrorism.').  So, they prescribe dropping even more bombs as if these other countries don't hate the USA enough!

Dropping more US bombs on the world now will only ensure the continued resentment which will bring about more actions against us like what happened on September 11.  

Is retaliation an appropriate response?   Of course not.  This is in my judgment one of the most dangerous thing we could do.  Below are several thoughtful articles all Americans should read, especially the saber-rattling people who have forgotten what war really is.


"When will we Learn?"  by Harry Browne, '96 & '00 Presidential Candidate

"A Deeper Wound"   by Deepak Chopra

Letter to President Bush from Dalai Lama sent September 12

My personal Analysis (And my September Editorial) by Mark Blackburn

Do we need better Intelligence?     by Mark Blackburn

A Former Afghani Writes about his homeland  (do you have the guts to read it)?

A Muslim explains why so many of his Overseas brothers hate the US Government

Rhio's Newsletter questions whether retaliation is prudent 

Islamic Assembly of North America  (Official Site)

Islam Way  -  a very informative site

What should we do now?   By John Robbins, best-selling author

Terrorism and Nonviolence by Arun Gandhi, founder of the M. K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence

The Universal Soldier by Donovan

An Appeal for a Peaceful World:  a letter from the Pope 

A Sorrowful Poem from a Moslem Woman  by Mubina Hamid

Are you an Employer?  managing issues due to the attack

Michael Moore's Site calling it like it is

International Action Center Information, Activism, and Resistance to U.S. Militarism, War, and Corporate Greed

Frontline "Looking for Answers"

Statement by Dr. Oscar Arias, Former President of Costa Rica and 1987 Nobel Peace Laureate

Choosing Death or Peace   by Harry Browne

Libertarian Party endorses measured military strikes against Afghanistan (to my amazement)

I've tried my best to promote PEACE.  If you wish to sign a Petition for Peace, Please do!

How are you coping?  Survey from Stanford University

"US Fundamentalism Responsible for Attack"  an article from Zmag, an online magazine.

A Second Issue is now emerging with great significance for all Americans.  It is the climate of government action to 'deal' with our terrorism problem  (terrorism against the US Government, not terrorism perpetrated by the US Government).  

Government is a Terrible Master  by Steve Kubby  (he should know)

Does the FBI need more power?   By NO means, says the LP

Recall that Harry Browne says, 'In times of war, the truth is always the first casualty.'  Another facet to this issue is are we getting a 'made for TV' crisis manufactured by our own government?

In the early 1960s, America's top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba:

Now read this:

What do you call it when 3500 people are killed in the USA?


What do you call it when the USA murders 1.25 Million people in another country?    

    'Peace Keeping'

No wonder they HATE us!  May God have mercy on BOTH the survivors of our 'Peace Keeping,' and on the survivors of 'Terrorism' in the USA!  May God grant that our enemies understand that there are peaceable Americans who also despise the aggression of our nation's leaders.


-A Veteran named Mark 


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