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August 2004 Article in the Davis, California Food-Coop's "Reporter"

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This was a very well-written and well-researched piece by Tom Wickersham.  My only clarification would be to mention his statement in the last paragraph, "Blackburn suggests that food choices are more akin to a religion."   I state in all my interviews and discussions that for me Raw Foods is NOT a religion.  I realize Mr. Wickersham was merely trying to restate what I had told him...but it was restated in a manner that could be misconstrued. 

There is a great spiritual connection and harmony that results from eating raw, and this needs more exploration.  But, I know people who have turned raw foods into a religion, and I believe they become Dietary Ayotallahs.  I refute this notion of turning raw foods into a religion in my Sacramento Magazine Interview and in my article "Does Eating Health Food make you Mentally Ill? which answers Steven Bratman's witch hunt against his preposterous invention he calls 'Othorexia' (something only he acknowleges or understands). 

I have no need to convert anyone.  During the crusades people desired to convert people.  With death as the only alternative to conversion, many converted.  This is basic fascism--something all governments excel at..  I would rather lead by my example.  If eating raw foods benefits me, I would like to think others would notice, and those with a desire to do so, might also try it to see whether it might benefit them.   This is the way that people are converted.  As a pastor friend of mine used to say, "A man convinced against his of the same opinion still."

There are a few ways I can infer that raw foods is helping me.  At my class reunions I tend to look younger than almost all my classmates.  My skin is soft and fair.  I have recently taken the "Pharmanex" scan for anti-oxidants (Caratenoids).  I believe they find their median score to be less than 30,000.  My score was 104,000--several times the median.  Some of the fine Pharmanex people I know have urged me to go on their supplements.  I think, however, that I am doing fine without them.


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