Mark S. Blackburn, M.B.A.                         


Christmas 2001 in Irvine, CA.  

Makayla's 1st Christmas


DeedNChris.jpg (257827 bytes)  Chris Lotito and Dedie Blackburn, husband & wife, parents of Makayla Rose Lotito


MissA-OK.jpg (248872 bytes)  "Everything here is A-OK with me, Grandpa, now that you're here!"


Xmas1.JPG (233608 bytes)  "Grandpa, I'm so embarrased by my Mother's penguin pajamas I'll just look disaffected and play with this cool ball."


xmas3.jpg (280420 bytes)  "Silly boxes of toys.  Give me the ribbon to play with!"


xmas4.jpg (291869 bytes)  "Grandpa, I've discovered what I really want for Christmas!"


xmas5.jpg (291605 bytes)  "I want this red truck, Grandpa!  I know you and Mom will buy it for me.  Look, my Mom even has another pair of Penguin Pajamas on.  This must be a sign that I am to have this truck!"


xmas6.jpg (256024 bytes)  "Gosh, I know I'm a little young to be driving, but I promise I'll be careful.  My Great Aunt Kim started driving young & I'm related to her!  She didn't crash too many cars.....considering...."


xmas7.jpg (866012 bytes)  "C'mon, Mom, Quit Stalling!  Put me behind the wheel of that baby, and let me melt those tires!"





Makayla's debut at Hotel del Coronado


Sailing Trip from Ensenada 2002


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