Returning The Sailing Yacht Ludwig from Ensenada, BCN,  to Long Beach, CA

(Ludwig is a Catalina 42)           May 2002  (April 28 - May 4)


Cast of Characters:


Skipper:            Mark Blackburn      



First Mate:       1st Mate Suzan      





Ship's Log:       


April 29 -(Ensenada to San Diego) Departed Ensenada Harbor 04:00.  Hoisted sail at 10:00 hrs in 12-knot winds.  Winds increased gradually to 20 knots by mid-afternoon.  Mark injured his left foot.  Radar mounting came 1/2 unbolted creating a hazard.   Comfort aboard was not very good.  We had large swells and the boat was really heeled over.  We arrived at the San Diego customs dock at 18:00.  


April 30 -(San Diego) We bought fuel, de-mounted radar, and repaired roller-furling clew snapshackle while docked at a reciprocal slip at Southwestern Yacht Club, across the channel from the Kona Kai Club.  We  walked (painfully) to West Marine Hardware.  Mark was hoisted up the mast some 30' above deck to demount the radar.  The 40 lb. radar unit was lowered to the deck with spinnaker halyard #2.  Tried to walk in the evening, but the skipper's foot hurt too much.


May 1   -(San Diego to Oceanside) Departed San Diego 10:00.  Very warm and beautiful day which allowed us to sail 90% of our distance.  Arrived Oceanside Harbor at 16:45.  Rented a slip in front of the Jolly Rodger restaurant from OC Harbor Department for $16.00.    Visitor:  Mark's Cousin, Carla Gould.  Carla took us shopping in her very nice Jeep Cherokee and we provisioned the ship for the rest of our trip.  It was really fun to see Carla.  (Mark & Carla sailed together years ago).  We were only sorry Carla's Husband, Rick was out of town.


May 2   - (Oceanside to Dana Point) Departed Oceanside at 12:00 Noon.  Excellent sailing day again.  Arrived at Dana Point at 15:30.  Mark & Suzan were able to walk around much of the harbor together.  We rented a slip from OC Harbor Department for $16.00.  


May 3(Dana Point to Newport Harbor) My Daughter, Dedie and Granddaughter Makayla met us in the morning.  Dedie's car needed gas, and thanks to some "good Samaritan's" and Suzan's sweetness, we were running again soon.  We purchased a new knife for yacht Ludwig's galley.  We departed Dana Point at 13:00 hrs.  Excellent winds again mean we sail 90% of the time.  Sailed past Laguna Beach & Emerald Bay.  Arrived at Newport Harbor (my home port) at  17:00 hrs.  Received a courtesy/reciprocal slip from Balboa Yacht Club.   Suzan went shopping on Balboa Island and had a wonderful time.  Makayla and Chris arrived at 18:00 and went sailing with Mark until 19:30.  Chris dropped Mark & Suzan at Fashion Island.  Mark & Suzan shopped and enjoyed a nice Thai Salad at Fashion Island.  We then took a cab back to the BYC from the Newport Marriott Hotel. 


May 4  -  (Newport Harbor to Long Beach) Mark & Suzan enjoy a quiet morning at BYC, and then head over to Balboa Island where Suzan wants to shop some more at Botique M, where Marty Morrison  had given her such great service the day before.  Suzan bought some very cute new sandals, and a pair of hiking shoes from Alex's.  Alex's family (Armenians from Jordan) recognize Mark from years before.  Mark buys 2 pairs of shoes after Suzan informed him that his shoes were worn out.  (Why don't men recognize these things)?   13:30 hours depart for Ludwig's slip on Naples Island in Long Beach.  David Lott, primary partner (owner) of Ludwig met us at the slip and allowed us to stay at his very cute home in Surfside, CA.  Denise & David Lott are a very fun couple with 2 boys:  Hunter & Adam.  They treated us like dear friends.   


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A visit from a future champion sailor, Makayla Lotito:


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A visit from Cousin Carla Gould:


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Suzan in San Diego harbor


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Alamitos Bay



Photos of Mark's GrandDaughter Makayla at Christmas 2001

Makayla's Debut at Hotel del Coronado 

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