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gishhobie2.jpg (47505 bytes)  Teaching my Son, Christian to Sail (1991)

mombest.jpg (21924 bytes)  Mom - Possibly the world's best!  

kidscouch.jpg (15515 bytes)  My 2 Children:  Dedie age 8,  Christian age 6  (Circa 1987)

G&dclien.jpg (63991 bytes)  With my Son, Christian 1996

familymonterey.jpg (44837 bytes)    Sister Kim, Sam, Niece Chelsea, Sister Courtney, Daughter    

deed_chris.jpg (87621 bytes)  Daugher Dedie and her Husband, Chris Lotito on Balboa Island (1997).

Rov_sm.jpg (113846 bytes)    Alongside the ROV Tiburon aboard the Point Lobos

Gish Blade Marathon.JPG (138867 bytes)    Son Christian in a Roller-Blade Marathon 2000

MB-SacZoo-6-2000-b.jpg (68575 bytes)    I am at the Sacramento Zoo

chucknI.jpg (33210 bytes)   My friend since 7th grade:  Chuck Cook & Jody & I

morror1.jpg (31690 bytes)  Below Morro Rock at Sequoia National Park

GishPlaying2000.jpg (88333 bytes)  Son Christian hasn't forgotten how to play (or run)  August 2000

LudwigSub2.JPG (39932 bytes)  The daring skipper who forced the submarine to surface!     May 2001

3kids2.jpg (48697 bytes)  Chris & Dedie & Christian           October 2000

HPA-MARK.JPG (123856 bytes)  A page right out of my High School Yearbook (Hawaii Prep 1971)

Makayla and Globe.jpg (64647 bytes)  The definitive beautiful Granddaughter

  Makayla & 'Uncle Mark'  (December2002)

  Holiday Greetings from Makayla & Ainsley (December 2002)

  With Daughter Dedie in 1978 at White Sands, NM

  Aboard the silver bullet (my 2-wheel Cruise Missile) at Mammoth 2003

  Jetski Day on the Sacramento River courtesy of my friend Kim Berry Sept. 2003

  Mark and his South American Sweetheart

   Cruising off the Exumas on my Bahamas cruise 2004

  My Daughter & I on Mother's Day 2004 in Las Vegas, NV

   Arriving in Miami after 28 days at sea

  Hiking at Red Rock Canyon outside Las Vegas, NV

  Sailing on San Francisco Bay Summer 2005

  Sacramento Zoo April 2007

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My Grandchildren at Halloween

Photos of my 2 beautiful Grandaughters in July 2004

Photos of my 2000 mile maiden cruise aboard the Canistel

Photo Highlights of my 2004 700-Mile Bahamas Cruise

Photos of my Cousin Todd Huft's Wedding in Denver & side trip to Aspen
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