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Wedding of Todd Huft and Rebecca Lynn Oestmann July 7, 2002  Denver, Colorado


This was one of the highlights of 2002 for me.  What a joy to unite with my Seiersen cousins in Denver for Todd & Rebecca's wedding.  The ceremony as I recall was performed by Rebecca's Uncle, a minister.  It was folksy and familiar.  We all wish them the very best!  I had a great time seeing My Cousin Sandy & her Husband Larry, who I have seen only once or twice since they moved to Colorado 30 years ago.  I also was spoiled by Pete and Carol Seiersen and enjoyed a couple days in Aspen at their beautiful home.  Pete was of great assistance to me in helping consider equipment for my boat (which at that time was just a few months from delivery).   Can you believe it, after coming all this way for the wedding, I never got a decent shot of the Bride and Groom!   If anybody has a good digitized photo of the couple, please forward it on to me so I can post it prominently here!


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    A Family Reception Dinner  (Dick, Chad, Betty, & Sandy)


   After Dinner  (Betty, Dick, Gale, Carla)


  Amber & her Beau on a beautiful evening



  Amber & her boyfriend


  Heidi gets a gift


  Betty, Dick, and Hans


  The 'youngsters'


  Heidi &  Great GrandMother Betty


  L to R Carla, Hans (way in back),  Rick, Dick, Pete, Carol, Gale, Betty


  L to R  Hans, Dick, Carol, Pete, Gale


Cousin Kelley, Mark, Larry (Betty & Gale in back)


 Tired from dancing?



Side trip to Aspen

Pete and Carol Seiersen very kindly invited me up to stay with them in Aspen.  I had a wonderful time there and was really glad I had a chance to go.


 I like this Colorado territory!  (On the drive to Pete Seiersen's in Aspen)


  Pete Seiersen & I on a bike ride in Aspen


  Pete and Carol's lovely home


  Suitably enough it's in Aspens




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