Mark S. Blackburn, MBA

Accomplishments, Awards, Triumphs:

At age 13 I became the youngest person in US history to pass the US Power Squadron membership examination and be admitted to membership. The 3-hour exam included a complex exercise in navigation of marine waterways. 

By age 15 I was sailing a sloop 30 miles across to Catalina Island from Newport Beach alone.

Also at 15 I applied and was accepted at the Hawaii Preparatory  Academy--regarded then as the finest prep school in the Pacific. I ultimately graduated with honors 5th in my class.

In Hawaii, I won the Big Island Sailing Championships finishing every race in first place at age 16. I was the only competitor under the age of 27.

In 1971 I won the Hawaii Newspaper's Association Award for "Most Improved Newspaper" while serving as Editor-in-Chief of the "Kamakani." I also qualified and ran in 2 state championships for cross country.

In 1975 I won the US Army's General Maxwell Taylor Award for academic excellence and outstanding military deportment. This award goes annually to the top student of languages out of 3 million uniformed service members. It was awarded at the Defense Language Institute, Presidio, of Monterey, CA, the most prestigious language school in the United States.

Promoted to the rank of Sergeant in less than two years active duty.

Set a record in 1986 at Boeing Aerospace for the most cost-savings suggestions submitted & accepted by one employee in a year.

Earned MBA degree in 1987, graduated with honors.

Parachuted twice into the Atlantic Ocean.

Made a transit of Panama Canal, 1977.

1994 President of TASC, a 200-member California-based trade organization for software engineers.

Survived the following military survival training: Jungle Survival, Arctic Survival, Desert Survival, Water Survival, POW Training.

Amateur ichthyologist/biologist: as an advanced aquarium hobbyist and specialist in African Rift Lake Cichlids, I was the first person to raise Julidochromis transcriptus, indigenous to Lake Tanganyika, in captivity shortly after it's discovery and classification. Scientific papers were submitted and published in various scientific and hobbyist publications.

In 1977 I competed in US Army Athletics. I won more points for the Commander's Cup than all other 200 members of my unit combined. I qualified to compete in the 1977 All Army Triathlon. Out of 20,000 Army troops at my post,  I finished 3rd overall.

Taught one year on contract a High School computer science curriculum at a central California public high school. My students averaged a full grade point higher on standardized exams than students from other classes taught by experienced teachers already familiar with the curriculum.

Survived with dignity & sanity the patronizing, demeaning, humiliating treatment dished out by most state governments to some of the best Fathers in America:   divorced Dads.

In 2000 I took over the organizational responsibilities for Raw Sacramento, a local Raw Foods support group.  I have planned dozens of meetings, seminars and dinners.  (Lots of work)!  But, it has been very satisfying to help people like Marilyn--a member who has lost 172 pounds in 17 months, and gained a renewed zest for living.

In 2002 I planned the maiden voyage of my boat, the 'Canistel' from Toronto to Miami.  I made this cruise mostly by myself a distance of 2000 nautical miles in 28 days.  This venture required project planning skills I have honed in my career as a business systems analyst, as well as maritime skills acquired over the last 40 years.   In many ways, it was the most amazing thing I've ever done. 

In 2004 I planned and took a 700 mile cruise through the 700 islands of the Bahamas.  This was both a cruise and a spiritual retreat for me.  This was the most difficult cruising at times, and the easiest at times I have ever enjoyed.   I believe it was unquestionably the most rewarding. 

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