June 2006 - Grandkids visit Sacramento

I have 3 Granchildren:

All are children of my illustrious daughter, Dedie and her husband Chris:


Makayla (2001), Shirley (before 1960), Dedie (1977), Xander (2005) 

In Shirley's new home (not quite settled into as yet)


Dedie keeps a bridle on Xander and Ainsley on a Merry-go-round at Arden Mall (2002)


We took the kids to the Exploratorium (which is right next to San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts)


These two salty sailin' girls are planning a voyage while the rest of us ate at a little place on the Tiburon Waterfront.  (Angel Island in the background).



Ainsley & Shirley in Shirley's back yard  (the lake is just over the fence to the right).




Christian, my Son  (1979),  and Ainsley & Makayla cool off with some coconuts & mangos.


Below Photos are of the kids taken in April 2007



Xander & his Sisters


The parents hurriedly eat as duty soon calls...


You gotta love Xander


Especially when he's clowning around


Makayla (6) tells me she's driving already, but perhaps she's pulling my leg.


The Girls and their Dad, Chris, in a Spa.


Makayla in a beautiful setting near her home in Orange County


I perched Makayla into this tree last November



I turned 53 last November with my 3 favorite Darlings

More Photos of my Granchildren

My Grandchildren at Halloween (2005)

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