Mark S. Blackburn, M.B.A.

Personal Associations:

Born 1953 Pomona, CA.    Grew up in Newport Beach, CA.
    • Accomplished sailor & surfer 1968


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I'm Passionate About:

Individual liberty and responsibility  (Read a related article)
Consistency in values & behavior
Optimum health and quality of life through healthy diet & lifestyle (Natural Health).
Appreciating the rich natural biodiversity of the Earth, and preserving these treasures for our posterity through ecology education
The US Constitution, equal rights under the law, and a republican form of government
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Who they say I am:

Personality Type:  ENFJ  What are you?
Chinese Horoscope:  Water Snake.  What are you?


My happiest hours growing up were spent doing this

or this...

or this...

All in a wonderful beach city called Newport Beach

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Personal & Family Photos

Accomplishments of which I am most Proud

Mark Blackburn

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Mark S. Blackburn, MBA
P.O. Box 186

Honolulu, Hi 96810

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