Visit to Kirkland & Seattle Washington September 2007





How did I end up in Seattle Again?


What the Pho?  (Provocative, if not cute name for a Vietnamese Restaurant in Bellevue)

Pho is pronounced "fuh."   

So, what the Pho is Pho?


After a 20 year Hiatus, I am back in Seattle for a week or two.  I'm staying in a condominium in Kirkland that I've owned for 24 years that I bought from my friend Carolyn Richards.   I really can't imagine how this area has grown so much, but it must be from money coming from Microsoft and retiring Californians who choose to evade California's taxes and drive up the cost of housing in Seattle.


I'm re-painting the condo and getting it ready for new tenants.   I am taking Sharoll to some of my favorite old haunts (the ones that have not been swept away with the profound changes).


This area holds many memories for me.  Some extremely painful ones, and some very pleasant ones.


One of the most pleasant was my friendship with the Berg family, and all the fun their Daughter, Rebekah, brought to everything we did.  She and my Daughter Dedie were inseparable friends from age 4.  They are both 30 now.   For whatever gray hairs Ernie Berg & I have earned going through our Daughters' teenage years,  now knowing these two successful and confident young women makes it all worth it.


Rebekah E Berg met Sharoll & I for lunch on September 20, 2007.  What guy wouldn't want his photo next to this supermodel?




Sailing into the Emerald City from Bainbridge Island





Atop the Space Needle on 9/26/07


Jim MacDermid


Also while in Seattle, I got reacquainted with my friend and former CCBTC Associate, Jim MacDermid.  Jim and his wife, Sharon were more senior members of the church.  They now live in Arlington, WA.  Sharon is a skilled musician and Jim actively ministered in our Kirkland assembly.  Jim and I also had the privilege of working together at Graham Steel in Kirkland (now defunct). 



Jim MacDermid and Mark



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