Photo Gallery of the Maiden Cruise of the Canistel  --  2000 miles in 28 days -- Toronto to Miami  

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Annapolis, Maryland's Capitol.

Annapolis Harbor

Annapolis has a strong sailing tradition

In Annapolis I received my first folding bicycle ordered over Ebay. I was out to see the town!

Annapolis is very charming (if cold).

Finally I was learning how to use my camera at night.

Historical Building in Annapolis

Capitol Dome, State of Maryland.

Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.

A Vietnam Era Veteran surveys the damage & is Thanks his God his name does NOT appear.

My former Brother-in-Law Sam Abdo, also a veteran. Sam and his family welcomed me to Washington D.C.


Korean War Memorial ... our country is famous for it's Wars.

Sam Abdo and his wife & Son

The Abdos.

Canistel's skipper in front of King George's Castle near the Potomac.


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